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Andre Cholmondeley


Address: PO BOX 16672, Asheville NC 28816


Tel: 1.732.233.5554

Photo By Robin Gelberg

Professional info


Musician. Tour  Support, Tour Management.


Musician, Tour Support, Booking.

Tech/Production Crew.: Guitar/Bass/Synth/Software


Guitar/Bass Tech, keyboards/MIDI/software/hardware.

Guitar effects/MIDI, programming, looping devices, samplers and amp control systems.


Touring experience: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America since 1990.


Booking/Tour consulting for USA, Canada and Europe and all points.



Health/Natural Living advocate/15+ years retail experience

Substitute teacher in Asheville NC.



Work experience


Over 15 yrs on tour with vanguards of modern music, including:


2015 USA Tour

David Torn: Solo Tour USA

Tour Manager, Guitar Tech

2011, 2016-present USA/UK/EUROPE/JAPAN Tours

YES/Steve Howe

Guitar tech, stage crew

2014 USA/Canada Tour

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Tour Manager, Guitar tech on Fall 2014 tour

Toured w Belew 2006-2010 as well.


2014 USA, Japan, Germany

moe. American eclectic rock band.

Guitar/Bass tech & Stage crew on Summer 2014 tour

Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba Japan, Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach DE.



Greg Lake: Bass/Guitar/Songwriting legend. Greg Lake is considered by many to be the defining voice and bass of progressive rock. He is a founding member of both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I was Greg's final guitar/bass tech.



Guitar/Bass tech & Stage production on Emerson/Lake 2010 tour

Historic ELP Reunion @ 2010 High Voltage Festival.

2012 Greg Lake’s “Songs Of A Lifetime” tour (first fully solo tour), USA, Canada, Scotland, England & Italy. 2013 Greg Lake/Moodies Cruise, Japanese, English & USA dates.



Al Di Meola. Legendary, game-changing guitarist, well known for his revolutionary technique, pioneering use of guitar-synths and digital/computer technology, and for his fusing of Afro-Cuban, rock, Latin and jazz textures.



Guitar Tech & Stage production, VG-88 programming, production management, Tour Management. Tours of USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Chile.


2006-2010, 2014

Adrian Belew. Another genre-smashing guitarist who changed the instrument, very well known for his pioneering use of effects, guitar-synths, looping. Adrian is alone in his ability to blend melodic, accessible pop-rock with far-out experimental sounds and new techniques.



Guitar Tech & Stage production, VG-99, Johnson Modeling Amp programming, production management, Tour Management. Tours of USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Turkey, Russia, and more.



Eddie Jobson: Synth and Violin legend.


Keys/Violin Tech, Stage Crew, Mainstage (virtual-synth rig and violin effects). Production Manager on Eddie’s first show after “25 years of live retirement”, Town Hall NYC, January 2009. With Eddie/UK/UKZ: tours of USA, Poland, Russia, Japan (one month after the 2011 tsunami!!)


Andre´Cholmondeley !! : In my own touring history as a performer I have toured internationally with synth-pioneer Don Preston, one of the first people to use a Mini-Moog. With Don and Cheri Jiosne (synth/percussion/loops) I did guitar-synth, looping, sampling etc. Tours with Project/Object, Delicious. Regional shows with Grounded, Hidden Agenda, Blues Agenda and more.

PROJECT/OBJECT: My alumni-based, Zappa Tribute band. More than a 'tribute', actually, this band has toured with or featured over a dozen of Zappa's band members, collaborators and even family members. Including Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ed Mann, Denny Walley, Ray White, Tom Fowler, Robert "Bobby" Martin, Mike Keneally, Arthur Barrow, Bob Harris, Thana Harris, Bunk Gardner, Geronimo Black, Patrice "Candy" Zappa, Jason Stanley Zappa, Al Malkin, John Smothers.

Tour Management:
Available to set up & Advance your tour
Will Plan & book local and international land/air transport.
Domestic/Intl'l Travel plans/Flight Itineraries etc

US and international gear cartage and carnet.
Hire crew & drivers
Tour Management, Rehearsal logistics.
Settlement, Salaries, Banking and Tour Accounting



Project/Object – The Music Of Frank Zappa feat. Zappa Alumni
1995-present Frank Zappa Tribute band, USA, Canada, EU – Guitar, Vocals, Tour Manager


The Grandmothers: Preston, Gardner, Estrada,  Mundi, Rosser
2001 Oct-Nov USA. Legendary Ex-Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention bandmembers, USA, Booking & Tour Manager


Production Crew/Stringer, Irving Plaza NYC NY
1999-2005-house crew/loader/Production


Warren Haynes Xmas Jam, Asheville NC
2007-2013 Local “Jam By Day” Production


Derek Trucks, Derek Trucks Band
2008 Sept. USA, Canada – Tour Manager


Eddie Jobson, UKZ, UZ-Band, UK Reunion Tours
2008-present with Eddie Jobson. incl: Production Manager, Guitar/Bass/Keys/Violin Tech, Tour Manager, Stage Manager- Japan, USA, Europe.

Keith Emerson/Greg Lake
2010 duo tour of ELP members. USA, Canada – Guitar/Bass Tech, Stage Crew

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
2010 Reunion, London UK – Guitar/Bass Tech for Greg Lake, Stage Crew

John Wetton, UK Reunion
2011-2017 (R.I.P. John Wetton) Eddie Jobson & John Wetton. Japan, USA – Guitar/Bass Tech for John Wetton, Stage Crew


Steve Howe/Yes
2011 July-Aug,  Yes & Styx USA Tour, – Guitar Tech for Steve, Stage Crew

2016-PRESENT,  Yes USA, UK, EUROPE, JAPAN Tours, – Guitar Tech for Steve, Stage Crew


Greg Lake (Solo Tours)
2012-2016 (R.I.P. Greg Lake) USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Japan – Guitar/Bass Tech for Greg, Tour Manager, Stage Crew, Stage Manager. I was Greg's final guitar and bass tech. Amazing man & colossal talent the world has lost. The music lives on. King Crimson & ELP.

Adrian Belew
2006-2010, 2014-present. USA, Canada, Europe, Australia - Guitar/System Tech, Tour Mgr.


David Torn
2015-present USA – Tour Manager/Guitar Tech 






Ableton Live


iSkysoft Video

Final Cut Pro



MS Office etc



Guitar/Bass Tech

Keyboard Tech

Tour Manager



Van/Cargo Truck Driver 

2010 - present

2010 - present



Middlesex County College, Edison NJ

1982-1985 - A.Sc. Computer Science 1985


Majored in Computers. Learning coding, logic flow, systems support etc. Languages included Cobol, C, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Assembly Language etc.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

1981-82, 1985-87 No degree


Worked on B.Sc. in Computer Science with a Music minor...Did not complete credits. Numerous math & music courses. A great experience and developed left/right brain acuity if nothing else!

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