Andre Cholmondeley


Address: PO BOX 16672, Asheville NC 28816


Tel: 1.732.233.5554

Professional info


Musician. Tour  Support, Tour Management.


Musician, Tour Support, Booking.

Tech/Production Crew.: Guitar/Bass/Synth/Software


Guitar/Bass Tech, keyboards/MIDI/software/hardware.

Guitar effects/MIDI, programming, looping devices, samplers and amp control systems.


Touring experience: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America since 1990.


Booking/Tour consulting for USA, Canada and Europe and all points.



Health/Natural Living advocate/15+ years retail experience

Substitute teacher in Asheville NC.



Work experience


Over 15 yrs on tour with vanguards of modern music, including:


2015 USA Tour

David Torn: Solo Tour USA

Tour Manager, Guitar Tech

2011, 2016-present USA/UK/EUROPE/JAPAN Tours

YES/Steve Howe

Guitar tech, stage crew

2014 USA/Canada Tour

Adrian Belew Power Trio

Tour Manager, Guitar tech on Fall 2014 tour

Toured w Belew 2006-2010 as well.


2014 USA, Japan, Germany

moe. American eclectic rock band.

Guitar/Bass tech & Stage crew on Summer 2014 tour

Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba Japan, Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach DE.



Greg Lake: Bass/Guitar/Songwriting legend. Greg Lake is considered by many to be the defining voice and bass of progressive rock. He is a founding member of both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I was Greg's final guitar/bass tech.



Guitar/Bass tech & Stage production on Emerson/Lake 2010 tour

Historic ELP Reunion @ 2010 High Voltage Festival.

2012 Greg Lake’s “Songs Of A Lifetime” tour (first fully solo tour), USA, Canada, Scotland, England & Italy. 2013 Greg Lake/Moodies Cruise, Japanese, English & USA dates.



Al Di Meola. Legendary, game-changing guitarist, well known for his revolutionary technique, pioneering use of guitar-synths and digital/computer technology, and for his fusing of Afro-Cuban, rock, Latin and jazz textures.



Guitar Tech & Stage production, VG-88 programming, production management, Tour Management. Tours of USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Chile.


2006-2010, 2014

Adrian Belew. Another genre-smashing guitarist who changed the instrument, very well known for his pioneering use of effects, guitar-synths, looping. Adrian is alone in his ability to blend melodic, accessible pop-rock with far-out experimental sounds and new techniques.



Guitar Tech & Stage production, VG-99, Johnson Modeling Amp programming, production management, Tour Management. Tours of USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Turkey, Russia, and more.



Eddie Jobson: Synth and Violin legend.



Keys/Violin Tech, Stage Crew, Mainstage (virtual-synth rig and violin effects). Production Manager on Eddie’s first show after “25 years of live retirement”, Town Hall NYC, January 2009. With Eddie/UK/UKZ: tours of USA, Poland, Russia, Japan (one month after the 2011 tsunami!!)



Andre´Cholmondeley !! : In my own touring history as a performer I have toured internationally with synth-pioneer Don Preston, one of the first people to use a Mini-Moog. With Don and Cheri Jiosne (synth/percussion/loops) I did guitar-synth, looping, sampling etc. Tours with Project/Object, Delicious. Regional shows with Grounded, Hidden Agenda, Blues Agenda and more.


Tour Management:
Available to set up & Advance your tour
Will Plan & book local and international land/air transport.
Domestic/Intl'l Travel plans/Flight Itineraries etc

US and international gear cartage and carnet.
Hire crew & drivers
Tour Management, Rehearsal logistics.
Settlement, Salaries, Banking and Tour Accounting



Project/Object – The Music Of Frank Zappa feat. Zappa Alumni
1995-present Frank Zappa Tribute band, USA, Canada, EU – Guitar, Vocals, Tour Manager


The Grandmothers: Preston, Gardner, Estrada,  Mundi, Rosser
2001 Oct-Nov USA. Legendary Ex-Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention bandmembers, USA, Booking & Tour Manager


Production Crew/Stringer, Irving Plaza NYC NY
1999-2005-house crew/loader/Production


Warren Haynes Xmas Jam, Asheville NC
2007-2013 Local “Jam By Day” Production


Derek Trucks, Derek Trucks Band
2008 Sept. USA, Canada – Tour Manager


Eddie Jobson, UKZ, UZ-Band, UK Reunion Tours
2008-present with Eddie Jobson. incl: Production Manager, Guitar/Bass/Keys/Violin Tech, Tour Manager, Stage Manager- Japan, USA, Europe.

Keith Emerson/Greg Lake
2010 duo tour of ELP members. USA, Canada – Guitar/Bass Tech, Stage Crew

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
2010 Reunion, London UK – Guitar/Bass Tech for Greg Lake, Stage Crew

John Wetton, UK Reunion
2011-2017 (R.I.P. John Wetton) Eddie Jobson & John Wetton. Japan, USA – Guitar/Bass Tech for John Wetton, Stage Crew


Steve Howe/Yes
2011 July-Aug,  Yes & Styx USA Tour, – Guitar Tech for Steve, Stage Crew

2016-PRESENT,  Yes USA, UK, EUROPE, JAPAN Tours, – Guitar Tech for Steve, Stage Crew


Greg Lake (Solo Tours)
2012-2016 (R.I.P. Greg Lake) USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Japan – Guitar/Bass Tech for Greg, Tour Manager, Stage Crew, Stage Manager. I was Greg's final guitar and bass tech. Amazing man & colossal talent the world has lost. The music lives on. King Crimson & ELP.

Adrian Belew
2006-2010, 2014-present. USA, Canada, Europe, Australia - Guitar/System Tech, Tour Mgr.


David Torn
2015-present USA – Tour Manager/Guitar Tech 






Ableton Live


iSkysoft Video

Final Cut Pro



MS Office etc



Guitar/Bass Tech

Keyboard Tech

Tour Manager



Van/Cargo Truck Driver 

2010 - present

2010 - present



Middlesex County College, Edison NJ

1982-1985 - A.Sc. Computer Science 1985


Majored in Computers. Learning coding, logic flow, systems support etc. Languages included Cobol, C, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Assembly Language etc.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

1981-82, 1985-87 No degree


Worked on B.Sc. in Computer Science with a Music minor...Did not complete credits. Numerous math & music courses. A great experience and developed left/right brain acuity if nothing else!

Photo By Robin Gelberg