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ANDRE CHOLMONDELEY: where, what, when...?

2019 Jan/Feb/Mar

This year started as usual w the CRUISE TO THE EDGE, Yes rehearsals in Florida then the five day cruise. A week off then we went to JAPAN for a five date tour. My eighth trip there -- love that place. Quick break then it's out with Brit prog/fusion legends BRAND X. I'll be tour managing and stage managing for that. MAY brings the rare solo/electronic tour, excited for that one...... Summer will be the YES package tour with a very special lineup to be announced......wonder if I should list it here cos no one reads this.....LOL.. to be continued....


Wow one of the busiest years EVER. Two Project/Object Tours w Napoleon Murphy Brock, long summer tour with YES, lots of solo gigs, gigs PLAYING Bowie music with Wham Bam Bowie Band...gigs PRODUCING Bowie music with Celebrating David Bowie, and the widest routing net so far (?), Los Angeles to Iceland and back then five countries in South America. Busy times.........

NOV 2017

Great time touring with Brit prog/fusion/jazz-rock legends BRAND X. Band sounded great in it's new incarnation. Original members Percy Jones & John Goodsall were joined again by Chris Clark (k), Kenny Grohowski (d) and Scott Weinberger (p). West coast USA is always great in the fall. Look out for some 2018 dates, hope to be able to make those.

SEP 12 2017

Off the road currently. YESTIVAL was an amazing time --Summer 2017. the tour had as ad ending that I'm sure you're all aware of. Virgil Howe. son of my boss Steve Howe, suddenly & tragically passed away on Sep 11.

Steve and his family are taking some time, difficult times for sure. Band is re-grouping and will later start preparations for the Cruise to the Edge in Feb, and further dates in Europe in March. Stay tuned for added dates.

Otherwise I am home working on some recording projects; always some solo synth & some guitar stuff:

Also tracking some guitar for the DIGITAL DISTURBANCE cd. Stay tuned for more info as that wraps.

2017 Fall -- Brand X, West Coast USA
2018 - Feb: Cruise To The Edge, and selected USA YES dates. 
2018 - March: YES Tour. England/Europe....

2018 - April YES Tour TBA........

MAY 2016

Wrapping up a tour with YES, right now it's a day off in BONN, GERMANY, birthplace of the one and only Ludwig von Beethoven. Listening to "Creatures Of Prometheus" right now. How metal is that title..? This YES tour has been a lot of long days but great to be a part of once again, my second tour with the band. They have been doing TWO classic albums all the way thru..DRAMA and FRAGILE. Really cool to hear these in completion plus a handful of classics.

We are off for about 5 weeks then back out for the USA leg of the tour -- which will be two complete albums again --DRAMA and Side 1&4 of TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS. The Yes Tour will be July-Sept 2016. Check their website for details. Nope - I never have time to hang, do dinner or gets drinks......sorry. Very busy tourday on this run.

In June/July 2016 I perform live a bunch of of times with WHAM BAM BOWIE BAND  (Bowie Tribute) as well as THE HIDDEN GATE (synth duo with Alfonso Graceffo)

NOV 2015

Well we had a blast on the recent PROJECT/OBJECT Northeast USA coasts tour. at the helm was IKE WILLIS and DENNY WALLEY, two of Zappa's most beloved alumni. Great times, and on most occasions music raised it's beautiful head. Stay tuned for more Zappa, including the DEC 19 ZAPPA BIRTHDAY show at Grey eagle in Asheville NC...

NOW--getting ready for a quick tour with DON PRESTON's AKASHIC ENSEMBLE...looking fwd to getting out there again with Don, I toured and recorded for him for many years in the early 2000s....this new version of the AKASHIC ENSEMBLE is the first one since my other half CHERI JIOSNE tragically lost her battle with cancer in August 2010. She had been the original percussionist/synthesist/sound mangler and we did tons of touring and recording, not only here in the USA but Ireland, live on the BBC, shows in London, Rotterdam, Bad Doberan Germany (Zappanale) and many more. This tour is dedicated to her and features one of my favorite musical partners in crime MIKE DILLON on percussion. This is gonna be great . Detaials and tourdates on my TOUR page or at the new DON PRESTON SITE




MAY 2015


NEXT TOUR: I'm headed out with iconic guitarist and sonic adventurer DAVID TORN, see my ON TOUR page for exact dates -- we will be on both USA coasts and a bit of the midwest on this run. It's David's first al solo guitar national tour, and he has a great new CD out on ECM. See you at a show!!


Once again, home for a short time (arrrgh!!)  between tours. Just back from Part 2 of the "UK FINAL SHOWS" tour. As mentioned below,  Eddie Jobson & John Wetton completed this chapter of the band, the 2000s era reunion shows since 2009. We finished at the legendary SUN PLAZA, in the Nagano district of Tokyo, a day after Eddie Jobson's 60th birthday.


An emotional run, a very special band for me for 30-some years...sad to see them go but a complete honour to have worked for and with them for these 6 years 'round the world. Here's hoping to some cool new chapters from all of the players involved.




MARCH 2015


Asheville, home for a while between Part 1 and Part 2 of the "UK FINAL SHOWS" tour. Amazing but Eddie Jobson & John Wetton are bringing to an end this roughly 6 year period of reunion work. It's been a great run and Eddie will be turning to some other projects , John has the continual ASIA tours as well as some new & archical solo material releases.


I'm playing a couple shows with WHAM BAM BOWIE BAND, also my project ANDRE CHOLMONDELEY's OPTION ANXIETY as well as with MIKE DILLON and also MIKE RHODES PROJECT. dates below.






JAN 2015.. Home. off tour, working on a bunch of music, mine and that of friends, doimg a couple email recording sessions. Substitute teaching a bit.



Also getting ready for my 50th Birthday Performance!!

Always fun to do a show on my birthday 2/9...#50 of course I'm really looking fwd to as a special number. The show will be at one of my favorite local rooms, The Mothlight.....


FEB on tour again with UK feat. Eddie Jobson/John Wetton, then some shows in March with Mike Dillon and Wham Bam Bowie Band. 


April some more Wham Bam as well as Japan/USA for UK. Then in MAY some dates with a legendary and ground breaking guitarist -- stay tuned for details!



Why do I call this GuitarTour???


Well... it's a tour thru a life...with some guitars.


My name is Andre. I'm a musician, I play a few instruments, mostly the guitar. At this point I can manage my way around one in a basic fashion. I play in a number of bands and musical projects. I perform many types of original music as well as being in a couple tribute bands.


MUSICIAN: I play guitar/electronics in:


- The MIKE DILLON BAND, Mike is a percussionist who plays world instruments and an insane variety of musical styles


-WHAM BAM BOWIE BAND, a tribute to the music of David Bowie


- my electronic/rock/experimental pop project OPTION ANXIETY, a movable feast that is sometime solo, sometimes an ensemble


-an ambient duo GROUNDED


-my tribute band PROJECT/OBJECT: The Music Of Frank Zappa.


with a couple other projects always around the corner!!!


DAY JOB: I work for a variety of musicians & bands. Taking care of their instruments, amps, MacBook rigs etc, working on stage crews  -- or running tours as Tour Manager , driver etc.

Check out my CLIENTS page to see where in this journey I've been and with whom. I am generally available for work, unless I'm currently on tour!


Based in Asheville NC, Fly with short notice from AVL airport.


USA Passport thru 2018, cleared to travel worldwide; no criminal record, USA/NC driver license, International Drivers License.

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