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MUSIC - just some of the music I have performed or written/recorded...

Ongoing: adding  some archival stuff from the 80s bands I was in, all the way thru stuff I recorded a week ago or today.


Bands include: Circle of Fifths, Rhythm Method, Zen Pajamas, Hidden Agenda, Leaves Birds & Grapes, False Virgins, JFK's LSD UFO, Project/Object, Don Preston's Akashic Ensemble, Delicious, Option Anxiety, Andre Cholmondeley/Derek Poteat, Grounded, Wham Bam Bowie Band, Mike Dillon Band, hidden gate, DigitalAnalogNoise & more....


Check back occasionally !



Bandcamp reissue of my cd from, hmm about 2003? Instrumental, guitar, electronics, some brief musique concrete interludes. Check it out free or grab a full download for $5 or more

SOUNDCLOUD MIXTAPE: here's a few of my recent (2016/2017) little solo electronic works. Part of some experiments in making various rigs work, and in perfecting a solo rig that is compact yet very powerful. A mix of modular synth gear, and EHX looper, and a couple odd devices.

MOUNTAINS of SKULLS..was a quick metal song I wrote after that nutcase rich kid in Santa Barbara killed his housemate and some women who rejected him. Sad.

Project/Object: The Music Of Frank Zappa

My Zappa tribute ensemble, around since 1989 or so, but ..more than a tribute!!... since we usually have one or more of Zappa's most beloved band members in the band...

Wham Bam Bowie Band

The title says it all: this is an incredibly fun and cool tribute to the Thin White Duke, to Ziggy, to Aladdin, to Major Tom, to Spaceboy. This Asheville based 5 piece has toured already in the northeast and we continue to build a base in the southeast. We currently do the entire ZIGGY STARDUST in our show, and have done the entire HUNKY DORY in the past. We also do all the expected hits, most of Bowie's charting numbers and lots of weird oddities. Stay tuned for lots more.

Mike Dillon Band

In the summer of 2014 I was drafted into a great great that I was a big fan of and actually had the pleasure of sitting in with a few times. The Mike Dillon Band is an eclectic outfit, Mike has been in countless amazing projects, and his own music is a journey thru rock, punk, jazz, funk, go-go, sound experiments, hip-hop, blues, indian drones, surf, ambient, hardcore, soul, heavy metal, comedy, politics and more..... Stay tuned, I often sit in with Mike and we hope to do some more touring in the near future..


hard rock/heavy metal trio I'm in that walks the line being droney stoner rock and ambient experimentalism within the metal language. Look out for lots of DELICIOUS in 2015. COMING SOON:

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