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Dual Pedalboard #1

The numbers are... kind of irrelevant here because this is gonna be random as I get these up. I think this might've been for the Zappa birthday show in Dec 2013. Pretty much two sides -- the analog signal side (left) and the digital/modeling signal side. The blue box, Roland GR55, let's me do the acoustic tones, sitars, needed for a Zappa show. As well as a lot of the basic guitars. I run that with a Godin XTSA with a 13-pin out (this is NOT MIDI but often confused with that). The left side is for either guitar but usually the PRS MCCarty. Path is BOSS PW10 wah>Keeley Compressor> Line6 M9>TC Tuner> TC Nova Drive. The Tech21 MIDI Mouse is just there to change scenes on the M9. 

Rock n Roll pedalboard #?

Like any guitarist or electronic musician I am constantly changing stuff every couple months. Some things are standard and never change, others swap in/out. You know the deal.


Path: Gtr>TC PolyTune>Keeley Compressor> Boss Metal Zone> Line6 M9>> TC Nova Drive> Boss DD20 delay. The Ernis Ball VP Jr is plugged into the M9 as an expression pedal.

Rehearsal: w/Delicious

Pedalboard on a pedaltrain base for the heavy rock n roll trio I'm in called Delicious. Looks like I have a Line6 M9, Boss Heavy Metal, TC Electronics Nova Drive and Eventide Delay Factor. There's an Ernie Ball VP Jr controlling the M9. PRS McCarty into this 'board, then off to a Marshall JCM 2000

Various Setups and Gear I use in performance.

a blerdy info page randomly itemizing gear I used and used to have. There's not much I want! 

Modeling/Looping Setup 

This one I set up to do a couple levels of looping as well as process the GR55 with an extra layer of modulation. The Eventide ModFactor (sadly gone!!) is a pretty incredible little box -- every flavor of modulation, chorus, phase, flange, ring mods etc all with lots of parameters, all controllable via CV in or MIDI. Since the Roland GR55 has a looper within, this setup gives me an extra, virtually endless looping device with the Boss RC-2.


Path: Godin Gtr, 13pin out>Roland GR55>Eventide ModFactor> Boss RC2 Loop Station> mixing board

Solo/Duo: Electronic Music

Certainly a conglomeration that morphs and evolves based on the exact nature of each performance, and the occasional crazy idea or acquisition of new gear. (PIC PENDING) In this rig I swap out Roland SH132, Aruria MiniBrute, NebuloPhone, iPad with Animoog, Prepared Piano, Propellorheads Figure, Korg Gadget, DM1 etc. Hardware FX include Line6 M9,EHX 2880 looper, Alesis Philtre and/or Bitrman.

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